Saturday, 3 January 2015

Are you a Gamer or Not?? 

I love games!
Games play an important role in achieving happiness.
There are wide range of emotions one seek out when they play their favourite games: bliss, relief, personal pride, feeling emotionally close to another player, surprise, curiosity, excitement, awe, wonder and many more.
Gamer know how to spark and feel these emotions whenever they want, no matter where they are, or what kind of day they’re having. It doesn't matter if they’re bored or stressed or lonely or frustrated or anxious – gamer can change how they feel, just by starting to play.
So games not only provide you with umpteen emotional experiences but also boosts mental health and well-being. It also stimulate your Imagination and keep your brain young. Many a times it helps to control anxiety or to reduce psychological stress.

According to a recent research online games can outperform pharmaceuticals for treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

Most video games are designed to allow players to succeed and be rewarded for that success. Different skill levels and a risk-and-reward gaming culture help the kids to learn to not feel afraid of failing. Instead it motivates them take a few chances in order to achieve their ultimate goal. Therefore I would say Games provide positive reinforcement.
Games helps us feel better, in the moment, and that this is important. Reducing the time we spend experiencing negative emotions and increasing the time we spend experiencing positive emotions. Even if games don’t change anything else in our lives, the power to change how we feel in the moment is a very good thing indeed. Games give us more control over our emotional destiny.
But it doesn't mean you stay glued to your screen 24x7. Everything in excess is bad you know!

Share what kind gamer are you.. What games you like.. Does it help you in anyway..