Wednesday, 21 May 2014


My father Mr Pradeep Singh was working as an executive in Hindustan Packaging Company Ltd. in Vadodara, Gujarat. He gave an interview in Reliance private ltd situated in Surat Hazira and got selected for the post of manager in Polyethylene (PE) Plant. In Jan 1993, we left Vadodara and shifted to Surat.

In June 1995, I 3 years and a month old was admitted to J.H Ambani School. Full name is Jamnaben Hirachand Ambani Saraswati Vidya Mandir. This school was built in the memory of parents of the business tycoon Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance group. J.H Ambani is Reliance Company’s school where only employees’ children studied. I recall our little KG uniform, tunic with red and white checks. It was the first day to school. My mom pinned a handkerchief on my collar, kissed me on my cheek and waved me goodbye. I was very happy to sit inside a beautiful yellow school bus with my brother. Unlike other little ones I was not nervous. It is so because my brother was with me. He was in Sr. KG. And I was going for my first class in Jr. KG. Yeah! I was excited! :)  My class teacher was a short-haired, short-height and slightly heavy lady. Her name was Mrs. Agnes. I remember how at the time of break our class teacher used to line all of us nicely in a queue before taking us to washroom.  Then we all used to sit down forming a circle to have lunch. Our teacher always accompanied us. Some of us used to fight for sitting on teachers lap. Recesses, Saturdays and Sundays were the times we enjoyed to the fullest. Mostly at weekends our whole family would go out for dinner or to some park.  Sometimes we used to go to park with two three more families of my friends. Our parents used to relax sitting on the grass, talking with each other while we all kids had fun running and playing in the park with sand, on slides, see-saw, swings, merry go rounds and many more. 
Those were the days of endless sunshine. I had a happy childhood. :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014


From old pics to what I see now,

I wonder why it happened and how?

My smile is not the same

Got trapped in some game


World out is so unreal

Filled with faces cruel

Now I also smile for name sake

Oh god it makes me so fake!


Only thing which is same

Is tear rolling down my eyes

Earlier it was coz of excess laugh and fame

Now it’s all my dead silent cries...


Monday, 12 May 2014


It kills me to say this but one day I know
Will come a time when I must let you go
The time will come and I always knew it
And no matter how it hurts me I must do it

I must smile and let you walk away
But I don’t want to think about that day
I want to love you all I can
Want to dream you’ll always be my man

Want to hold you every night
Want to pretend it’s all alright
So I put on my blinkers and do not see
I just want to hold you close to me

Want to make memories we never forget
Want to take off you all I can get
Want to look back one day on this time spent with you
And smile and remember that I once loved you

And when I remember I want to be glad
That this was the best time that I ever had
I will treasure each moment, every kiss, every touch
So that when you are gone I won’t miss you as much.


Sunday, 11 May 2014


In Hindus, the traditional ceremony of naming the baby is known as Naamkaran.
After 45 days of my birth on the day of Naamkaran ceremony, pandit ji gave two alphabets D and H by which my name was to be decided. My parents named me “Heena” which means Mehendi. But in couple of days after consulting with other friends and relatives they decided to change my name because they thought Heena is not a Hindu name. So they named me “Himanshi”. This lovely and unique name was thought by my father. “Himanshi” means part of Himalaya or snow. In Sanskrit another meaning of Himanshi is Godess Parvati.

Namkaran was not over yet. My brother Dhiraj who is one and half years elder to me continued the tradition. He gave me one more name. The story behind receiving a new name from my brother is that my parents used to teach me that I should call my brother “Bhaiya”(means elder brother). They used to repeat the word Bhaiya by pointing towards him. But I guess I never understood. But somebody did; my brother. Because of looping of the word again and again it got stuck in my brothers’ head and he started calling me “Bhaiya”. And now I had one more name “Bhaiya”. Even aunty living in our neighbourhood used to call my mom by shouting “Bhaiyas mother!!!” which sounded weird and funny. :)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Was our friendship a burden for you?

I saw a dream
and heard her name
remembered those days
when we were same

Our friendship train
wasn't a game
then why you left me
in the midst of pain

I miss you
and miss my smile
which now for you
is no more worthwhile

Months have passed
Years will go
I will wait for your love
which you will never show!!!

- Himanshi

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


You bring me a feeling
I have never felt before
Feeling of contentment
Happiness and more...

Always and forever
I will love you this long
My heart, My soul
only to you it belongs...

I will be beside you
be a friend or a lover
Let all rain of pains fall on me
I will be your cover...

Being here far from you 
I shrink every minute, die every day
for a moment with you 
of happiness and gay...!!


As my birthday is just around the corner, I thought of starting my blog by writing about my birth. :) 

8th May 1992, Vadodara, Gujarat

It was nearly 6 in the evening. A man was waiting in the lobby outside the delivery room of Lady Pillar hospital. Lady Pillar is a Christian hospital situated in Fatehganj road, Vadodara. Everyone is expected to maintain discipline and decorum both inside and outside the hospital premises. There was pin drop silence in the corridor, but the state of that man’s heart was exactly opposite. A lot of hustle and bustle was going inside him. He was worried about his wife and the new being to come. A lot of time was passed but there was no crying sound of the baby. The going to be new father was eagerly waiting for the sound to come..... and the sound came “Oxygen!!! Oxygen needed.. bring it fast”. He thought his wife is falling short of breath and this made him more nervous. His heart was beating with muffled sound. But in reality, at 7.15 the baby girl was born but was facing some difficulty with the placenta stuck around her neck. That new born baby was fighting for life and needed oxygen. Doctors removed the placenta and by holding the baby up by feet in mid air spanked her bottom. Then the ever wanting sound came. The baby girl cried. I cried. And this is how my life started. ;)  I was born in a small family which now had four members -my father, my mother, my elder brother and I.