Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Kuch duur saath chalo...

Kuch duur saath chalo uss mod tak hee,
Jab wo mod aaega main bataunga hi nahi..

Chalta rahega kaarwaan baaton ka nayi,
Guzar jaaenge saare mod piche hi kahin..

Kuch main kahunga kuch tum kehna,
Karlenge sab baatein kuch galat kuch sahi..

Unsuni fariyaadein jo tere dil me hai dabi,
Puri karke le aaunga teri meethi si hasi..

Dhundle sapno me bhar denge hum roshni ek nayi,
Pure honge sab armaan jo soche the kabhi..

Bas kuch duur saath chalo uss mod tak hee,
Jab wo mod aaega main bataunga hi nahi..


Thursday, 28 June 2018

More than Myself, its You in Me!

From my first thought in the morning, till the last one untill i sleep...
From why i laugh to why i weep...
From our chat pinned to the top...
From my highs to my drops...
From my phone's wallpaper till the songs in my playlist...
From all my likes and dislikes...
From what I talk about all day, and for all the things I pray...
From my past memories, till the future I wish...
For what I die and for what I live...
Everything about Me tells a story about You...
My every reason, every hope and every dream  belongs with you..
If someone would try to know me, they will end up knowing more of you!


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

“Perfect Imperfections”

It’s a tale of the girl
Who chose broken over whole,
Pain over shore, 
Corner and not the core

The world told her
You deserve better
And she just nodded and said
I am making one

Coz she didn’t believe in leaving
Shifting or replacing
But redefining what she had
No matter however bad

Her dedication was one of a kind
She never leaves what she binds
One day her beliefs turned out true
Imperfections are perfect known to few!


Monday, 12 December 2016

A Dream: Beyond 26 Alphabets!

Mom.. So finally you are here...

O mom where were you? I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t eat well. I missed your warmth. I missed your smile, your love, your hug. I thought you would never come back. I would never be able to see your face and your smile. I am at peace now. Come here mumma, hug me again… Come to me. I can see you, I am just here in front of you with my arms open, come mumma.

O mom I know you are happier than I am. You are smiling, and your eyes are glittering, erupting all your love and emotions for your daughter. You are holding this pose because this moment is so precious for you, that you are scared if you move it will go. Freezing it all, standing still, you wanna keep looking at me, seeing how your little darling daughter has grown up and how much you have missed being with her. But mom I can’t wait to hug you. It’s been so long I touched you. So here I come running and ready to fall in your arms. Thank God you are back.

Bam!!!! Collides with the wall… an invisible transparent wall!

What is this wall in here, invisible! I am on one side and on the other side is my mom. And there’s some unrealistically beautiful person standing next to my mom, it said it is god!

So this God speaks to me “O Dear Child the rule of this universe is that everything here is endless, limitless, the more you learn the more you realize how little you know”. There’s no limit to your thoughts. I am not happy how you Humans think so limited. You have just restricted your thoughts wrapped in some combinations of 26 Alphabets.

Like you have these infinite never ending numbers, why do you just have 26 alphabets? whatever you think or speak are just made up of some alphabets. Lesser the alphabets, lesser the words, lesser the expression of thoughts!!

So here I give u a challenge, just speak a single word which can’t be written into these humanistic 26 alphabets of yours. One such word, and you can have your Mother in your world!

I stand there uneasy and restless trying to think something,  yagleyshuvtoxoblahblahblah… but i can't utter a single word.. not even sound. I move my mouth helplessly crying and dying inside with the feeling of disability of not knowing a word that can break this wall and I ll have my mom again. I try But I couldn’t!! I am standing there silent, dumb and deaf, I watch my mom diminishing away and I feel like somebody has cut my hands and legs, and I can’t move or drag myself towards her, and just have to watch her go. I feel guilty I let her go.

Such Dreams hit me now and then. Some are so intense that I can feel the tension even after hours of waking up. I don’t know what dreams have to say to us. Its deep, weird, silly don’t know. Is it just what we are going through, our daily thoughts taking shape, or some message or all of these?

After you lose someone you could have never imagined your life without, days gets hard and lifeless. Even though you get strong and very strong, all coming days are not the same. Whenever there’s an exciting news u wanna share with that person u jump up to your phone and realize that person isn’t any more. Especially when that person is the one who brought you to this world, your parents.

I lost my mom at the age of 21, the age when moms are bestest friends to daughters, and so was mine. There’s nothing in this world that could prepare you for this. It is a larger blow in adulthood, at your just-into maturity age of 20s. My mom taught me how to smile through pain, to be forgiving, to be generous and loving.

Life goes on, but there are times even years later, you still breakdown like it happened yesterday.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A lot can happen over A CUP of CHAI.....

Hi folks!

Take a moment and imagine yourself rising from the bed in the morning… what you see… Sun, fresh air, greenery, fresh you but with a lazy smile on your face!! And…???... where is it… O there,,its there on the table... “A cup of Chai”…!!!

~sip sip~

Morning, Evening or Night, Chai has a place in all. If you are a Chaiholic like I m, you could relate to this. The only way a Chai Lover can wakeup is by holding that cup of garma garam Chai and cherishing its fragrance. Our day goes bad when we have not had that one lil cup of chai in the morning. To kick start our day its mandatory kinda thing for us to go through our daily mantra of inhaling the fragrance of fresh cardamom and ginger and sipping our hot creamy tea!! Yup it’s Tea. Spiced milk Tea. And Indians call it “Chai”.

~sip sip~

Tea is found in nearly every community around the world. There are many types with different flavors and colors. Like in India we have famous Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Nilgiri Tea, Cutting-Chai, Masala-Chai and Malai-maar-k-Chai of Mumbai/ Delhi/ Varanasi/ Calcutta/ etc., Kashmiri Chai, Irani Chai of Hyderabad and many more.
Yet one feature remains constant. It brings us together. It creates a space for conversation. It gives us the opportunity to share. Like tea, we come from a variety of different backgrounds and we are shaped by our experiences. With this how can’t we talk about the popular “Chai Breaks”!! It’s a part of work culture. Most universities and offices, bound to have a local tea stall around known as “Chaiwala Thela”. It’s the place where students or employees gather. A break of chai with company of good friends is all you need. Complete relaxation and Rejuvenation! Slang word for the stall is Tapri!!
Near my college we had Ramesh Bhai ki tapri or Kaaki ki chai..!!
We chai lovers wait for rains to enjoy Baarish and Chai combo!
Tea is our friend whether it’s a fresh morning, or a bad sad tiring day...I mean any kinda day! Chai is the best companion.Especially during exams time... Right? It keeps us awake and it’s a pure bliss for those tired body and sleepy eyes. We feel Alive again! And you know what, when someone makes a bad cup of tea..it’s like dude how could you do this.. Don’t you no its value!! Huhh...Seriously it’s the worst feeling!
I can fall in love with a person who could also make me good tea. Ummmmm… I have already!! *Blush blush*

~sip sip~

Sunday mornings are like enire family siting together, chit-chating, flipping newspaper and enjoying Kadak Chai with parathe, or snacks like khakra, biscuits, bread, toast etc.
Chai is our national drink. We even invite our friends saying “Chai peene ana” or by asking “Chai pe bulao yaar”.. I am suddenly remembering few songs on chai-- “shayad meri shaadi ka khayaal dil me aya hai,, isliye mummy ne meri tumhe chai pe bulaya hai..” and the raunchy one of Salmaan Khan -- “Ek Garam Chai ki pyaali ho.. koi usko pilaane waali ho..” *wink wink*.

~Final sipppp~

Aaahhhaa… With the article I just finished my cup of Tea. Uff! Chai! I love calling it that way. Have a great day folks!


Saturday, 11 July 2015

तुझे कद्र ना समझ आई

जो सच पर रही डॅट्कर हमेशा
आज कसमे झूठी उसी ने है खाई

जिसके लिए अपनो से और दुनिया वालो से लड़ी
आज उसी की नज़रें क्यूँ झुकाई?

प्यार दिया जिसने जहाँ मे सबसे ज्यादा
उसके खिलाफ क्यूँ दी तूने गवाही?

मासूमियत से भरा बनाया था तुझे
फिर कहाँ से ये हैवानियत है आई?

आज पूंछ रही है मेरे दरबार पे आकर
कि ये कैसी किस्मत है मैने पाई

बेटा मैने तो चून चून कर हीरे दिए थे तुझे
पर तुझे ही कद्र ना समझ आई

जिसकी चमक को संझोकर रखना था तुझे
उस हीरे के ज़हेर की की तूने सिचाई

मत पूछ बेटा कैसी किस्मत है पाई
जब की तूने खुद अपनी कब्र की खुदाई!