Wednesday, 21 May 2014


My father Mr Pradeep Singh was working as an executive in Hindustan Packaging Company Ltd. in Vadodara, Gujarat. He gave an interview in Reliance private ltd situated in Surat Hazira and got selected for the post of manager in Polyethylene (PE) Plant. In Jan 1993, we left Vadodara and shifted to Surat.

In June 1995, I 3 years and a month old was admitted to J.H Ambani School. Full name is Jamnaben Hirachand Ambani Saraswati Vidya Mandir. This school was built in the memory of parents of the business tycoon Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance group. J.H Ambani is Reliance Company’s school where only employees’ children studied. I recall our little KG uniform, tunic with red and white checks. It was the first day to school. My mom pinned a handkerchief on my collar, kissed me on my cheek and waved me goodbye. I was very happy to sit inside a beautiful yellow school bus with my brother. Unlike other little ones I was not nervous. It is so because my brother was with me. He was in Sr. KG. And I was going for my first class in Jr. KG. Yeah! I was excited! :)  My class teacher was a short-haired, short-height and slightly heavy lady. Her name was Mrs. Agnes. I remember how at the time of break our class teacher used to line all of us nicely in a queue before taking us to washroom.  Then we all used to sit down forming a circle to have lunch. Our teacher always accompanied us. Some of us used to fight for sitting on teachers lap. Recesses, Saturdays and Sundays were the times we enjoyed to the fullest. Mostly at weekends our whole family would go out for dinner or to some park.  Sometimes we used to go to park with two three more families of my friends. Our parents used to relax sitting on the grass, talking with each other while we all kids had fun running and playing in the park with sand, on slides, see-saw, swings, merry go rounds and many more. 
Those were the days of endless sunshine. I had a happy childhood. :)