Monday, 9 June 2014


In Surat we lived in COSMOS- the township built for Reliance employees. It was obvious to have many friends as we lived at the same place, we used to go for company picnics, and even went to same school. 
I remember my beautiful milk bottle with yellow and white flower prints on it. I loved it. Generally children hate milk as most of my friends did but I liked it because for me it came from my attractive baby feeding bottle. 
I was so addicted to it that I have used it till the age of 5. I was resistant to switch to any other mug or glass. 

I remember when my friends used to come home in the evening to call me for playing outdoors, I had no shame in sipping milk from that bottle in front of all. One day in a fight or I say war between me and my brother that bottle accidentally broke. I cried a lot. 

And after that incident, finally in 2nd standard I switched to mug. Trust me it was very hard. But today I thank god that it broke, otherwise I guess I would have still continued and might have been writing my blog with laptop in front and my milk bottle beside. :D

And this is how i would have partied..! ;) :p (Kidding)