Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Worst Year of my Life...
Pl wake me up and say it was a dream

I still cant believe
What this year brought to me
It seems like a dream sad
This year was so bad

Loneliness, pain.. I was so Lost
My mistakes turned my love to frost
Insane I, my mind was fused
the loyal soul was misused

I made my loved ones, hurted ones
And lost those few I had
There is no happiness i deserve
Will die starving for love

I miss you so much Momma
You were my Good Luck charm
No one protects me from this trauma
Some come and they just harm

I wish i could erase this year
and live with my loved ones without fear
with my beautiful Momma back in my life
and also with one, of whom I want to be wife..!